Company Profile

Contract Packaging Associates (CPA) is a complete contract packaging services company, offering a wide range of packaging, assembly, fulfillment, and quality control solutions in a clean and secure environment. The organization’s tenured history was built on timely product delivery with a customized approach tailored to client specifications.

Backed by over 40 years of packaging know-how and management experience, CPA is dedicated to developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers as evidenced by several current customer partnerships exceeding ten years. CPA partners with its customers to coordinate with their supply chain, engineering, and distribution centers to provide a fully outsourced business service. CPA will act as a white label service provider to integrate with the customer to be a seamless/silent partner to the end consumer. CPA prides itself on being a partner to several Fortune 500 customers as an outsourced Co-Packing and Logistics department.


sat-guaranteedOur Guarantee

We guarantee that if we do not meet our customers’ requirements as stated, fail to deliver within a reasonable period, or otherwise cause unnecessary delays for our customer we will:

  • Credit that portion of the job that was involved in the delay.
  • If applicable, provide the same service at no additional cost.
  • Provide any rework resulting from an error, on our part, at no cost.



Our History

Our founder, Dennis Favale, got his start in the industry by working as an industrial engineer in Johnson & Johnson’s packaging and fulfillment division in the late 1960s.  Through his work at J&J, Dennis identified an opportunity for a business that specializes in performing packaging, fulfillment, and assembly operations. Contract Packaging Associates was founded in 1974 and moved into its current facility in 1984. A number of the original employees remain with the company today.


Contract Packaging Associates is now

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