What is Contract Packaging?

Contract Packaging encompasses many services, including packaging, assembly, fulfillment, and quality control for another company’s product. Contract packaging is used because of the many advantages and efficiencies it provides. The service eliminates the need for our customers to spend time and resources on facilities, equipment, and employees and allows them the ability to focus on their core competencies.

  • Packaging
    • Blister Packing
    • Shrink Wrapping
    • Bagging
    • RF Sealing
    • Pouching

  • Assembly
    • Hand Assembly
    • P.O.P Display

  • Quality Control
    • Sorting
    • Testing

  • Fulfillment


Our Team: Two of our floor supervisors and multiple line leaders have been with the company in excess of 20 years. We currently have 12 management personnel and 100 shop employees. Our efficiency and experience are unmatched in the industry.

Engineering: Our in-house machine shop fabricates custom fixtures and tooling to enhance the efficiency of our processes.

Technology: Our company utilizes a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning software that integrates Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, Production, and Quality Control.

Flexibility: Our facility and production environment is constantly realigned to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Security/warehousing services: CPA provides secure warehouse services, product shipment, and over the road freight services to its client base.

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